Plastics Caps & Closures 2011

Day 1 - Wednesday 2 November 2011


Registration and Refreshments


Chairman’s opening remarks

Richard Inns, Owner, PEC Partnership Ltd

An overview of market and technical developments in global beverage caps and closures with a focus upon exploring the potential and opportunities in emerging markets

  • Overview of the global beverage closure market
  • Current market trends & drivers
  • Technical trends and product innovation
  • Future issues & forecasts
Dominic Cakebread, Director of Packaging Services, Canadean Limited

Safe venting of caps for chilled fruit juices

  • Why is venting necessary
  • How we learned the hard way
  • What testing we put our caps through now
  • What factors complicate venting, e.g. colour, tolerance, temperature
Clover Abbott, Packaging Technologist, Innocent Limited

Morning Refreshments


Responsible global supply in a transforming polyolefin landscape

  • How is the supply landscape for polyolefins expected to change in the years to come?
  • What does this mean for the activities in the C&C market of a leading global supplier like SABIC?
  • Can we overcome the regulatory and legislation challenges through solid product stewardship?
  • Which new developments contribute to SABIC's responsible global supply to the C&C market?
Stephan Eltink, International Account Manager, Sabic Sales Europe B.V.

Revolutionary caps and closures printing technology

  • Why printing?
  • Existing printing technologies caps & closures
  • New innovative printing technology

o       revolutionary flexible printing technology

o       low cost (investment & consumables)

o       high capacity (Top up to 250000/H;Circumference 50000/H; combined possible)

o       high quality multi colour printing

o       reduced floor space

  • Case study
Filip Feyaerts (Phd), Managing Director, Printing International Group

Compression Technology moves forward


  • The cycle time and its network: real case studies.
  • Equipment evolves together with the diversified needs of the market:
  • How product design is impacted by markets trends and technology evolution.
  • Single-piece closures: the topic of the day.
  • Technology imparting different quality levels to the molded part.
  • Concept of a manufacturing line.
  • Compression vs Injection moulding: the answer is in the terms of your project.
Luca Nanetti, Marketing Manager Closures & Containers B U, Sacmi Imola S C



Gold from Green - the triple bottom line and eco-innovation that drives sales whilst saving planets

  • Reduction, reuse, recycling... and the poor, weary, consumer
  • The authorities, the industry: what ticks boxes, spins CSR... and actual end-benefits to the consuming public
  • Tie market research with Poundland - what motivates the green consumer, and those who really could care less about 'eco'
Peter Martin, CEO / Design Director, Firebird dot com Ltd

e-Cap: higher output - lesser energy!

  • All electric machine concepts are offered from 100t up to 420t and cover molds from 16 cavities up to 128 cavities for beverage closures
  • Fastest cycle and therefore highest output and unparalleled product quality, thus reduction in rejects leads to best yield
  • Turn key solution and in line quality control
Walter Jungwirth, Leitung Vice President Business Unit Packaging, ENGEL Austria GmbH

Ecosolution: a new and green alternative to classic dispensing system

  • From the simple flip top in one piece to the most elaborated pump in more than 12 pieces, the closure must incorporate function of protection, distribution, dosing
  • Ecosolution is a new dispensing system which is an green alternative to traditional pump
  • Ecosolution is a delivering system used on airless packaging
Pascal Hennemann, Innovation Director, Promens

Afternoon Refreshments



•    Industrial Economics in the Packaging Industry
o    macro economics
o    industry structure and performance
o    drivers for m&a in the packaging industry
o    recent transactions and trends

Nicholas Mockett, Corporate Finance, Moorgate Capital

Rules in Europe applicable to plastics caps and closures

  • General rules from Framework Regulation 1935/2004
  • Specific rules for caps and closures in the new Plastic Regulation (PIM)
  • Enforcement and liability
Luigi Rossi (PhD), Independent Strategic Advisor, Keller and Heckman LLP
Rachida Semail, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP

Panel Session – Innovations and challenges - What have we learned?

Please email your questions for the panel to

Dominic Cakebread, Director of Packaging Services, Canadean Limited
Clover Abbott, Packaging Technologist, Innocent Limited
Berco Landman, Principal Scientist – Package Development Research & Innovation, Heineken

Networking drinks reception and dinner for all attendees

Day 2 - Thursday 3 November 2011




Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Richard Inns, Owner, PEC Partnership Ltd

The world standards for accessible packaging design: opportunities and threats for caps and closures

  • World demographic developments and packaging
  • Principles of accessible design
  • The world standard on accessible packaging design
  • Threats and opportunities
Michael Nieuwesteeg, General Manager, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre

Five decades of innovation and success in caps and closures

•    Insight into the growth and development of the materials required by the caps and closures market
•    Highlight the historical trends for increasing quality with cost effectiveness
•    Important view from a market leader on future market needs

Ian Coates, Sales Director Deputy, Ineos PolyOlefins

Morning Refreshments


Developing a sustainability strategy through packaging

  • The place of packaging in the sustainability agenda
  • The elements of a sustainability strategy
  • Quantifying the benefits
  • Methodologies for developing the strategy
Richard Inns, Owner, PEC Partnership Ltd

‘Closure’ on the sustainability gap

  • Efficient material use in lighter caps & closures
  • Relative impact of two and one-piece closures on the environment
  • Novel elastomer technologies to address the challenges
  • Life Cycle Analysis for INFUSE™ Olefin Block Copolymers
Dr Olaf Henschke, Technical Leader, Dow Europe GmbH
Enrique Torres, Marketing Manager of Caps and Closures, Dow Europe GmbH

Networking Lunch


Value Creation through Innovation with CLUBE® and Borsoft™ SL600MO – providing new global solutions for market needs

•    The European tube market accounts for 10.5 billion tubes and a historic growth rate of 4% per year, supplying markets for end-uses such as food, toothpaste, pharma, household and cosmetics.
•    Highlights on The "CLUBE® project" by Borealis and Plasticum

Tarmo Raudsepp, Marketing Manager, Borealis AG
Rian Stegema, Chief Technology Officer, Plasticum Group

System-level enhancements for closure production

Claus Ziegler, Managing Director Business Development-Closure Systems, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd

Afternoon Refreshments


Standard & customised solutions for round undercut molding

  • Collapsible Cores(CC) developed primarily for caps & closures molding, subsequently used in other round undercut applications
  • Why are CC and the newly launched DT cores the right tools for Caps & Closures molding?
  • Collapsible & DT cores are the most compact solution and in most applications, the only standard option available in the market, to release undercuts found in the vast majority of Caps & Closures
  • CC & DT being reliable, long-life, easy installation, low maintenance, short cycle time and affordable solutions
  • Advantages of standard CC and DT cores over the other customised options offered in the market
  • Limitations of use and possible customisation of CC/DT cores
Armin Jondral, Senior Technical Supervisor , DME Europe

Introducing a new technology globally in a challenging financial environment

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the BAP technology
  • Early successes
  • Operating challenges in globally delivering the technology
  • Financial challenges in globally delivering the technology
  • Final business model
  • Conclusion
Stephen Dawson, Chief Executive, Bapco Closures

Chairman's concluding remarks and close of conference


Close of conference

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.

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